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Childhood, parenthood, love and lessons learnt

A Generational Story

A life story - full of countless adventure, trials, victories, pain and love. What would it be like to have your family heritage recorded for the generations to follow? All those hilarious stories that you have heard countless times at family gatherings don't have to slowly fade away. We are passionate about capturing the incredible lives of those dearest to us so that their memory, their legacy can continue to live on through the generations.

We long to give you a voice! We long to hear about your lives. We believe that when you share a little of who you are with someone, then you have the potential to change and inspire the world around you to grow in its capacity to love, and unite together in celebration of a life well lived. We believe that by listening and documenting someones life, we can add value to their story, and that story in turn adds value to others who watch it.

It is so much more than hitting record. It is life lessons shared It is purpose and destiny inspired. It is love declared for all time. It is hope exchanged in hard times. It is a voice that will carry through the generations to come that will never be forgotten but eternally treasured.





Adding Value to your story.


We are so excited to be on our way to launching our most loved project - A Life Story

At SALT we value your story and long to bring a voice to all those untold chapters of peoples lives because they in turn bring value to others.

If you have a loved one who would like to get their Life Story captured for their family please get in touch



A story of perseverance through suicide, abuse and abandonment.


The Chimbalas

A story of love from across the ocean in a small town in Zambia Africa. This film is made for their Grand daughters who call Australia home. They can now see, hear and know their grand parents origin story and about the culture they come from.