The Macready's

Now this family is a little bit special!

I met the Macready’s a little over a year ago when their last little member of the family was just about ready to enter the world.

I photographed Jade’s last ever pregnant belly and then met them in the delivery room shortly after to witness the most magnificent moment of Hadley’s birth.

The room was filled with this peaceful presence as SUPER MUM Jade effortlessly (It seemed) delivered her last daughter into the world. She made it look so easy. Her strength in the deepest of pain is a sight to be seen and admired. She inspired me that day.

When Hadley was born her umbilical cord tore causing her to loose the majority of her blood. Her life was in danger, but still the room was filled with this peace that surrounded Jade, Dan and the nurses.

I left the family to enjoy some moments with their daughter, completely unaware of danger that this beautiful little girl was in.

The next day it became clear what had happened and straight away my heart was in turmoil. After a series of tests and some scary medical emergencies the Doctors concluded that Hadley had suffered a stroke some months earlier in utero, and should have died. On top of that, the tear of her umbilical cord at birth was a rare unrelated event and again Hadley girl should have lost her life.

Moving forward a whole year, and in spite of the fragility of life and uncertainty of how these events will shape their little girl, this family has welcomed the amazing miracle of complete happiness that is Hadley. In spite of exhaustion, fear, anxiety, chaos and death, Jade and Dan have embraced their 4 beautiful girls and have displayed courage, faith and resilience with unity and strength. I am honoured to have been able to witness their story and to have met miraculous, defiant, unstoppable Hadley girl.

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Sophie Sharman