Hello Aila-Rose

Oh this little one is a little bit divine! She entered the world after 3 years of prayer and Sara and Gary were made just to be her parents! They were married 4 years ago, and after 3 years of trying to grow their family, it just wasn’t happening. They tried IVF and were heartbroken when the result once again came back negative. But not long after treatment, in a complete surprise Sara silently disapeared one night into the bathroom. Unbenknown to Gary she had gone to take one more test. Low and behold, a short time late she came trotting down their hallway holding a pregnancy test that read positive. Finally their long awaited little baby was on the way. 9 months on and here she is! Little Aila-Rose Peta Taylor.

Her name has a variety of meanings. “Bringer of Light” “Oak Tree” and one of my favs “From the strong place”. Here name bares homage to Gary’s scottish heritage and also the inclusion of her middle name “Peta” which is a tribute to Sara’s Dad who passed away.

She is a beautiful miracle. One who will be planted (Oak tree) firmly and be known for her strength. That strength will bring light to a world that needs it and all the while she will carry the testimony of her granddad just because of who she is.

Much love to you guys on this brand new adventure! Kiss her loads!


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Sophie Sharman